Doublebass Strings

 Update: 25.05.2008

Recorded with Vocal Mic




Oive E - HBSS

Innovation Rockabilly

Innovation Supersilvers

Thomastik Spirocor

Pirastro Obligato (E & A Solotuning + D & G Plain Guts)

La Bella Supernils

Thomastic Superflexible Orchestral Strings

Clef Guts with olive E - swing master

Pirastro Permanents solos - shen sb80


Fender 8250 NP 45-110

Fender Flatwound

Pyramid PureN 45-105

Fender 7250L Nickelplated Steel

Fender Tapewound


Fender 7150L Pure Nickel

Ernie Ball Super Slinky

Pyramid SS 45-105


Rotosound Roundwound



Squier fretless with rotos


Thanks to 

Paul, Big Al & the Fireflys

The Silverjet